Belgrave Hypnotherapy Studio

Belgrave Hypnotherapy Studio

           63 Monbulk Road,

Belgrave Vic 3160

Tel:  8741 0224

Belgrave Hypnotherapy Studio

Living to your Potential?

· Change a habit

· Control  your weight

· Quit Smoking

· Increase Confidence

· Relieve Stress

· Regain Control

· Sleep Better

· Remove a fear or phobia

· Study Better

· Control/Relieve Pain

· Find Motivation

· Control Anxiety

For enquiries and appointments

Telephone:  8741 0224 or Email Me



I am a member of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy (AACHP). This means that my training and qualifications meet the national standards set by The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia and that my use of clinical hypnosis complies with a strict code of professional conduct and practice. Please visit the AACHP website at to verify my membership status.